Sitting in class and realized I dont update this blog at all. My apologies.  Im brainstorming a few topics and will put up a post

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Busy work keeps you busy


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I should have known keeping up with this blog was going to be difficult. Between work, networking and trying to find adequate down pooped.  I am pleased that I have managed to lose 7 lbs and gain a number of new lifelong friends. That number is 2. Ha ha.  No complaints though.  Work at pizza port is simple and borderline fun.  Only borderline for lack of that “team” feeling.  I am still the newbie and I hope the distance wears thin.
m y uniform is adorkable,and I love love love interacting with guests. The diversity and the stories make it all worth it (paycheck helps to).

I was able to make time for a proffesional internship information session. A lot of good info and a crap ton more to think about.  It is saying the least when I say the doors of opportunity are flying open.
Anyways I start wprk in ten minutes. Just wanted to give a quick update.


To infinity and beyond…

happiest place on earth


Let the memories begin!

It’s an amazing thing to go from a guest to a cast member.. then back to a guest.  There is just something magical about the environment.  Despite the real-worldness behind working for the company… the work put into the details is simply phenomenal.

This is a place to leave your worries at the gate.  And get in touch with your inner child.  Not that being a child is what it takes to be happy, but that when you were a child you did not worry about the harsh realities and allowed yourself to be entranced by your dreams, as well as others dreams.   With an open mind and feel good environment it’s difficult not to enjoy a day in Disneyland.

itty bitty living space

My roommate got a pet elephant. Then it got lost. It’s in the apartment somewhere.

So living with a room mate is never a piece of cake.  Try living with 4.  5 women in a two bedroom apartment is nothing to sneeze at…

We have managed to make it 3 weeks without pulling eachothers hair out.  but sharpies have been brought out… to label food..not haze the first to pass out (although tempting).  we have all proven to be pretty civil and like minded individuals… limited drama.. and for the most part.. just stay out of eachothers hair. Hey, no one said we all had to be best friends.

And honestly I feel I lucked out, as one of my roomies is someone I can truly appreciate and get along with. Living in such close quarters.. its a blessing to feel you can legitimately trust someone.   Not trying to say the others are bad in anyway.. just that connection has yet to spark.

We have had some food disappear… and counters left disastrously dirty.. but we all have managed to talk things through.  We know we are stuck together for the next couple months and that there is no room for Drama.

Limited time in the park…


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“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
Walt Disney

My favorite spot in Disneyland has always been Snow White’s Wishing Well.  Especially just after sunset.  A peaceful place to reflect on all that Disney represents… Dreams! I am sorry to report that I have not made time to visit this spot yet on my journey with The Walt Disney Company.  I snapped this photo while walking quickly into Fantasy Land with my room mate.  I have not really spent much leisure time in the Park.  Quick walk throughs.. or working…  have been the extent of my cast member experience.

I am however happy to report that I was able to see a celebration I have never witnessed before in Disneyland.  Lunar New Year.  Over by the attraction Small World, Disneyland held a week long celebration of the Lunar New Year with Mulan and Mushu.  Photos, music and short themed performances for guests to partake in. Even Chip and Dale joined in with traditional Chinese attire.


The area was decked out with Dragons and lanterns.  Even had postings with Chinese astrology, and cast members helping the kids determine what animal represented their year.



Ribbons were temporarily passed out and ribbons dances taught to the children by themed dancers.

Unfortunately Mulan and Mushu had to take off right before we hit the front of the line for photos.  I was able to snap a quick shot of them walking away…

B-I-N-G-O and bingo was it’s name-O


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So here at the Disney College housing facility we have little extra events, where the staff gives the students opportunities to get FREE stuff.  woohoo!!  Today we had our first grocery bingo in the courtyard.



In the middle of the apartment complex there is a courtyard.. where about 30 or so college participants grabbed tight to their bingo cards and crossed there fingers in hopes of a free bag.. of some type of groceries.



If there was a tie for BINGO – then there was a tie breaker.  Hula hoop contest, Trivia, and/or a  dance off.  Can you guess who in this picture won?



A nice addition, and fun extra that the college program provided.

A quick photo update

Finally getting settled with my schedule, the program and company.

Here is a quick photo update, while I work on some more in depth posts for ya’ll

The apartment is a two bedroom two bath.  3 girls in one bedroom with a walk in closet and two girls in the master bedroom with their own bathroom.

Disney threw us a welcome party, the best part being the awesome DJ and the photobooth.

I have not been able to take too many photos, as my phone broke and my camera was not charged.

But after my first full day off, I feel a lot more organized.  I will most likely head to the park with some fellow colleagues and fill up my memory card with useful photos.

Til then. Enjoy.

Settling In

I am here!! And the days are longer.. I feel as if I get 3 days worth of stuff crammmmed into a day. Only day 3/4 and it feels like I have been here for weeks. Not necessarily a bad thing, just been running around and gettn used to the new environment.

Received my name tag and phot badge yesterday, so I am feeling rather official. I start training at 11 this morning, while 180 new participants move into the building. Gonna be another long day, but I am stoked regardless.

Just wanted to give a quick update. More later.


 11 Days til P…


11 Days til Program starts, 8 Days til I leave the Bay, 4 days left of Work and 3 Days til 2012.

The official countdown has begun!!

A new beginning .. Fists raised, teeth baring, and ready to tackle life!! Im in a good place right now… about to explore new city streets, with new strangers, and some unbreakable (haha) New Years Resolutions.  I’m feeling rather optimistic and hope reality doesn’t knock me down too many pegs.  It’s gonna be a long 8 months.. long work hours and new challenges to face. Bring it on!

Tomorrow is my going away party at work, gonna have to sneak in some pictures with my co-workers so that I will remember them always.. and have bribery tools for when I return 🙂

Gonna schedule out my next week and a half so that I can squeeze in time with all my bay areas loves before I take off. Wish me luck!!

Soon it will be Christmas Day..

Holiday Cheer has invaded the atmosphere. People here are smiling and anxious to please (might be the morning mimosas).

I helped the boss wrap up his family gifts, and made some coffee for the skeleton crew. i love working on days like this. We get enough done that we feel productive, but horse around enough to feel like a boss.

The actual bosses take off early to be with their families and the remaining crew gets lunch on company dime, polished off with cookies and laughter. Good feeling all around.

All my gifts are wrapped and my clothes are packed. Drinks, feasts and games with family and a few romps with my honey… what more could you really ask for on a cold winter night?

Happy Holidays everyone!!